MOCA Contemporaries Art Series

Last night we had the second in our series of MOCA Contemporaries art panels at CAA. The Fashionable Body: A Dialogue Between Art & Fashion was one of the things I have been working on since joining the board last summer and it was kind of amazing to see it finally come alive. Our moderator Rose Apodaca rounded up stylist and costume designer Arianne Phillips and designer Michael Schmidt and I had booked artist Kimberly Brooks as a panelist way back in July of last year. All four were old friends and had known each other for a while so that made the conversation even more interesting. It was inspiring to hear all of them speak on their process, their roots and their approach to art and fashion. It’s a pretty fascinating and ongoing dialogue and the debate on what is art and what is fashion and where they intersect is kind of endless. There were some legendary faces in the audience as well including Annie Flanders, the founder of the original Details magazine. I got to chat with her for a moment and was enthralled by her stories. Friends like Magda Berliner, Geren Lockhart of Geren Ford, and Daniella Clarke, the founder and designer of Frankie B, three of my favorite LA designers, came out as well. It was pretty much a packed house of talent all around… Thanks to everyone who came!!

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