The Reality of Art

I watched the first episode of Bravo’s “Work of Art” last night on my favorite non-channel channel (Hulu, of course….) and am hooked. Art is an instinctual feat and its not hard to decipher who is going to go far and win (Miles, Abdi, maybe Nicole, Trong, Ryan), who will atleast get far enough to have people remember their names for five minutes (John, Marc, Peregrine, Jaime Lynn), and who is there to get beaten up (poor Erik, who I think actually has some minimal potential skills just lacks the obvious sophistication or indifference the art world demands). I love this game because it tests your taste level even more so than the fashion design shows. Plus, I loved SJP’s opening speech to the artists. This is a good one, its going to be fun. It is definitely much more cerebral (that is somewhat of an understatement…) than other reality shows which makes it much more interesting as well.

Miles Mendenhall’s previous work above…

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