La Clinica For Skin & Body

Launched in 1995 by Australian-based Rita-Marie Aloschi-Hopfner, La Clinica beauty line is not only certified organic but seems to deliver as promised. I can’t remember if they sent me samples or I got them in a gift bag recently but either way I just started using the Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facial Scrub this weekend and am totally in love with it! My Laura Mercier scrub I have been using the past couple month ran out so I grabbed this stuff off my beauty supply shelf and got immediately attached. It has a super fine granular quality to it so you don’t need much to make your skin feel smooth and clean. I haven’t been using a cleanser with it, just the scrub followed by my usual routine of CellCeuticals Cellgenesis (and LA Mer Rejuvenating cream at night…) and still using the snake serum on my eyes.

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