Sharon Lee Clarke, Brows from Heaven

I don’t want to be a total girl about it but OMG! My brows look AMAZING! Ok, full disclosure, I don’t always pay enough attention to my brows. Years ago when my first go-to beauty goddess Marcia Kilgore began making me over, teaching me what and when I needed to wax, I was much more obedient but over the years I have become a bit more relaxed, some may say too relaxed especially with my brows. So I had forgotten what an art the brows are until Sharon Lee reminded me. The week leading up to the Oscars is one of only a hundred times in LA (I kid… sort of…) when “gifting suites” and “beauty suites” get sprinkled throughout all the local hotels. I don’t usually go to that many because as mentioned in the past, they make me a tad uncomfortable, all those expectations… But when a friend of mine invited me to the suite of Australia’s eye brow queen Sharon Lee at the W Residences this past week I couldn’t say no (especially since I have a fun party to go to on Sunday!) Sharon takes time to look at your features, ask questions about your habits and then waxes and plucks (never cuts) her way to perfection. Seriously, she took 5 years off my face just by giving my brows the perfect arch. I died. It was amazing. Though she is based in Australia she will be gracing our shores East & West, NY & LA again in April and every ten weeks thereafter. She also has a fantastic line of brow related products (the perfect tweezers, the perfect mascara, a magic mirror, liquid eyeliner and compacts)…

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