Soap & Glory, Marcia Kilgore

Soap & Glory is finally stateside and at Sephora! Marcia Kilgore, the legendary beauty goddess who founded Bliss Spa (and saved my own skin from itself) launched the line in 2006 and it’s been a huge hit over in the UK ever since. Their products, including the lip gloss, Sexy Mother Pucker (so Marcia, her sense of humor is beyond…) all have that touch of effective beauty and humor. Marcia and I met in the fall of 1995 when I saw a small posting in the NY Press‘ “Best Of” issue. The Let’s Face It beauty spa at 568 Broadway, which within a few short years would become Bliss, had been voted Best Facial so I went and tried it and fell in love not only with the oxygen products and facials but Marcia herself. She was my first beauty queen and did everything on me for the first time; facials, waxing, and anything else I needed to beautify. It was the one thing I would treat myself to every month on my meager wages and NYC living allowance. For years I couldn’t go anywhere else for facials or waxing. To this day her facials are my favorite and I miss them. And I miss seeing Marcia. She always had an unstoppable amazing energy that blew me away. Her inventiveness, humor and endless ability to move forward is astounding and admirable to say the least.

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