Sudden Youth

I got a package of Sudden Youth products, launched in 1981 by Lea Black, to try out a few weeks ago and finally had some time to play with them over the holidays. I love the Apple Stem Cell Light Serum which goes on incredibly light and all of the products have absolutely no scent which I also LOVE! They make the usual promises of less wrinkles and youth in a bottle which I have a secret penchant for and I like their philosophy. I am vocally anti surgery and needles so anything in a bottle that will prolong my younger self is always welcome. I haven’t been using the line long enough to back up all the claims but I can say with certainty that the ingredients are pretty innovative and exciting and the products are light, easy and feel great going on. My skin is super sensitive so with any new product I am cautious and tread slowly and this stuff didn’t make me break out, didn’t irritate my skin and seemed to do only good. There is a powder gel concoction (“The Non Surgical Facial lift Kit”) that is the literal translation of my friend Natasha’s term “spakling”. It has echinacea in it and supposedly prevents long term damage to the skin. I am trying the Pearlized Facial Wash next, I have a thing with cleansers. For some reason my skin is even more sensitive to washes and cleansers so it’s always hard for me to find one that I can use long term. I used to use MD Formulations and most recently have been using the Santa Maria Novella soap cleanser bar which I like. The Sudden Youth cleanser is next on my list so stay tuned…

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