Too Faced Balms for Spring

I have developed an obsession for Too Faced cosmetics. And not because they give me a ton of product to try. I LOVE their eyeliner which I have whittled down to a tiny kid looking crayon (it is the silkiest smoothest thickest coolest eyeliner I have ever tried). And I love their whole approach and ethos. Their fun, tongue in cheek energy reminds me a little of Marcia Kilgore when she first launched Let’s Face It (aka Bliss Spa…) Beneath all that irreverent humor lies a really great product line, full of well researched technology hidden under all the gorgeous colors and ideas. Their make up kits (“Glamour to Go”) are fantastic and I love that they teach you how to do a perfect smokey eye with the eye shadow collections. But what really got me going this season was their new tinted Beauty Balm primer with anti aging ingredients and sunscreen so you can kill several birds (or toxins) with one brush stroke (it also comes in four shades and is oil free). The company is California based which is also pretty cool now that I am mostly left coast. I am dying over the way they shot all the products too (above) tiny little works of art…

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