Vi Peel at BHPS

Last Tuesday I was invited to try the Vi Peel at the infamous BHPS. I don’t think Botox or plastic surgery is right for me personally and I’ve often said I prefer alternatives to ease the signs of aging but a good hardcore peel is always welcome. And this was the Aston Martin of peels. It didn’t go on painfully or hurt at all throughout the entire process which lasted about a week. That may sound intimidating and drawn out but it’s really not. It didn’t affect my daily schedule or life a bit. Pearl, the aesthetician applies the peel at her office in ten minutes and sends you on your way with the peel quietly doing its thing for the next few hours (it’s a leave on peel that doesn’t hurt AT ALL, I swear). Aside from an immediate feeling of smoothness on your skin you also leave with a small post-peel instruction kit which includes two towelettes to wash your face with, sunscreen (imperative) and moisturizer for when the actual peeling (more like flaking) begins. My peeling began around the 4th day, lasted about two days and was so worth it. From the moment I left the office I knew this was a good one, and trust me, I have tried a lot of peels over the years. Today I woke up to no more flaking, no more peeling, just amazingly smooth skin that looks fresh, shiny and new. I am beyond obsessed. Vi also has a complete beauty line that I am curious about now…

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