An Old Romantic’s Kiss & Covet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Pull In coquelicot bra and panties for the obvious and Rodial glam balm™ LIP, a rose flavoured & scented balm full of shea butter and vitamin E, designed to plump, fill & make lips kissable,

A pearl pen from Ingenuity, perfect for love letter writing the old school way,

… and speaking of old school, a rare first edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and The Damned is almost better than diamonds in my book (and it may actually cost more…)

Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No.3 fragrance, and I love the flower subscription idea below!

Such a sweet gift and a great way to spruce up your mood and your home. Arrange your own bouquet from H.Bloom and get a bundle of exquisite loose stems delivered to your door each week. One bouquet typically makes two to three arrangements and costs $29 and attached to a ticket to Paris would be even better… With a stay at the best hotel in Paris (sorry Ritz, it’s not you though I wouldn’t trade drinks at The Hemingway Bar for anything…) but I’d rather stay at the…

Hotel Meurice… If you love me, you already know that. I don’t care if it’s a cliche, that’s what I want (and a car rental for the road trip we’ve been planning through the south of France into Morocco after we’ve exhausted the room at the Meurice and had our fill of dinners at Brasserie Balzar…)

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