Being Pro Faux at Vogue, The Humane Society & H Couture Hosted by Paul Wesley & Torrey DeVitto

When I was twenty six I was hired to be the fashion editor of Russian Vogue. I had no idea they had an entire issue devoted to fur when I started (I know, totally naive on my end especially considering I was born in Russia). I have been anti fur (or “Pro Faux” as I like to call it now) since I was 14 years old so when the fashion calendar for the November FUR issue was revealed I had a mild ethical heart attack. I wasn’t about to budge on my long held belief that animals deserve our love and respect as much as our advertisers. So when I was assigned a fur shoot I decided it was totally okay to pass the job on to my assistant who was more than excited for the opportunity to style her own shoot. You would be correct in assuming that this did not go over well with the big boss in London although in the end they allowed me to pass on it. I never said, “No, I won’t do a fur shoot because I would have to look myself in the mirror for the rest of my life and see a hypocrite and I don’t care that I work for Vogue right now,” (send me to the gallows!!!) but I did say, “Wouldn’t this be a wonderful opportunity for my assistant to style her first fashion shoot?” And so my assistant’s name not mine, will thankfully forever be on that shoot. I have held onto my belief about fur all of these years while working as a stylist and was thrilled to support the Humane Society by donating my styling services to their online auction as well as this past Saturday at a fashion show, where “Vampire Diaries” stars Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto hosted the H-Couture fashion show with all of these amazing designers that refuse to use fur in their collections. Kimberly Ovitz, John Bartlett, Charlotte Ronson, Marc Bouwer, and Victoria Bartlett who designs VPL, all showed their gorgeous lines in LA. Their most recent collections are below as well as some pics of Paul and Torrey and my little furball.

Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2013

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2013

John Bartlett Spring 2013

VPL Spring 2013

Marc Bouwer on the red carpet with one of his gorgeous designs

Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto (wearing a gorgeous Contrarian dress)

This is a shot that ran in Ok magazine of my little furball, Monkey (the cat) and Taryn Manning’s furball, Penguin (the dog). Taryn is one of my clients I style that happily wears faux

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