Blake Brody, In-Studio

I love what young NYC-based designer Blake Brody is doing with these uber-cute ballet inspired flats that are actually intended for pilates (and more of course!) When I sat down with Blake yesterday for breakfast at the Chateau she told me all about how she started her In-Studio Footwear company that has grown into a big idea over the last two years. She is, like myself, an avid pilates fan but after slipping, sliding and falling off the reformer machine one too many times the forward thinking 26 year old with family roots in apparel took matters into her own hands and developed a slip on to wear during workouts. One that is made in an eco-friendly manner, sewn not glued, made of natural and recycled materials. No sweating, no bacteria and no slipping. I love when an idea goes from start to finish seamlessly! And they come in some pretty fashionable patterns and colors, examples above and below… Love it!

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