Coachella Weekend Begins Now, What I’m Wearing

I am driving out to Coachella tomorrow and praying I miss the rain they promised for today. There are BBQs galore as usual; Mulberry, Burton and Lacoste are all hosting daytime shindigs on Saturday which we will hop around to and from. I am planning on going to see music Saturday night hopefully for Radiohead since I did my usual tradition of not buying a ticket (I have commitment issues, how can someone commit a year in advance to a date?) and leaving it to the universe to figure out where I am going at Coachella, when and how. I find it’s easier that way at a music festival. For the past four years I have gone at the last minute and seen all three days of bands without a lifted finger of planning so I am sticking with tradition. Just go with it. I did however get some new accessories this year from a few designers including a Liebeskind Berlin bag, sunglasses (“The Betsey”) from Karen Walker and this rad leather belt from Levi’s to accompany my perfect Coachella dress. And of course some Frye motorcycle boots from my own closet. Let’s pray we don’t need umbrellas because that means I’m staying under one by the pool sipping a cocktail in a sweater. I don’t need to live through Woodstock, I’ve seen the photos. Happy Coachellin’! Photos from the weekend later…

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