Date Night Friday, Casual Dinner in Hollywood

In keeping with the theory that guys like girls in simple outfits, nothing too chic or complicated on a first date I am trying my best to do just that: keep it simple. And this is as simple as I get… a DKNY tunic dress, J Crew denim jacket, Alexander McQueen heels and Rebecca Minkoff bag. Still fun but perfectly casual for a get to know you dinner in Hollywood on a Friday night. Right?

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2 Responses to Date Night Friday, Casual Dinner in Hollywood

  1. John W. says:


    I’m not sure about your theory – as a guy I generally don’t wear denim and prefer my first dates to wear well tailored clothing that works well with their looks and body type. In return I wear well tailored sport coats with spread collar shirts akin to those worn by British Parlimentarians. Most American men dress dreadfully, as if they are picking out their outfits in the black of night. Why do women stand for this?

    I do like your shoe choice. 🙂


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