Estella Warren, New Photos 2013

Estella and I did a shoot a few weeks ago at a friend’s apartment. I wanted to shoot the way I used to years ago when it was just me with a camera, no lights or fancy locations, and very little (if any) retouching. When I first started shooting I loved taking gorgeous couture gowns and shooting them in the alleys of Moscow or on the Lower East Side, in divey bars, and old train cars. Lately I’ve been feeling that urge again. Something (and someone) beautiful in a perfectly shabby yet somehow chic place to counter and complement perfection. It’s so obviously a guy’s apartment in the best sense possible, he is absent physically but always there, the photos and furniture tell a story all their own.

Vintage bra, Beautiful Bottoms panties

Viva Love T Shirt, Hanky Panky retro lace thong.

Beautiful Bottoms bodysuit, Hanky Panky bra

Hanky Panky thong, Pretty Polly tights, Aldo heels

Johnny Was faux fur jacket, Hanky Panky thong

Johnny Was dress

Photographed in Los Angeles, January 2013, make up by Kira Nasrat, hair by Crystal Mason. Photography and styling by me…

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