Fifty Shades

I read books one and three of Fifty Shades of Grey a few months ago. There, I admit it. And I am still amazed that you can’t open a mainstream magazine this month without some reference to the book or porn of some kind or kink in general. I skipped the Grey middle book because frankly it was all a little redundant and it’s not Fitzgerald, and well, been there, done that, in more ways than one… I’ve been reading erotic fiction since I was in college and have always had an adventurous (and always safe!) side to my sex life without having to think too long and hard about it (no pun intended, I swear). I for one am thrilled that BDSM is no longer a dirty “kinky” secret for the ones who didn’t know it before. All adults, women especially, should enjoy sex in an open consensual way and not feel ashamed or dirty about it (*dirty in a bad way). I’ve always loved taking photographs that portray strong beautiful women who own their sexuality and maintain their soft feminine side fearlessly. Above and below is a fashion shoot I photographed and styled with Estella Warren in December 2009, which was inspired by BDSM. Thanks to Estella for always being game in the throes of fashion!

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