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Lena Dunham, the star, writer and director of HBO’s new series “Girls” went to Oberlin so as biased as it may be, I feel confident she speaks to me and every other girl this side of a small liberal arts college education regardless of our age or parent’s lineage (or lack thereof…) The cast of “Girls” reads like a who’s who of East Coast cool parent upbringing: Allison Williams is Brian Williams’ daughter, Jessa Kirke is the daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirk, Zosia Mamet is playwright and film director David’s daughter and Lena Dunham herself is the daughter of artists Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham. There is a certain kind of girl that goes to Oberlin, Sarah Lawrence, Bard (ahem) and occasionally Reed College that is only rarely represented in mass popular culture (mostly by their own choice I might add…) So aside from indie bands and the art world it is usually the behind the scene stars that are born and bred inside those socially and emotionally dysfunctional old brick buildings (forgive me Bard, I say this only with love) while the ones in front of the camera tend to come from other institutions. Alas, in the past two years entertainment has finally shifted the focus with the help of shows like Portlandia, New Girl and even Suburgatory whose lead character Tessa is surely bound for Bard herself (bless who ever made Jeremy Sisto’s dad’s character a Bard graduate!) And although I haven’t seen this new show yet, which premiers April 15th, I am giddy with anticipation to see the girls I have been and known on screen. I may even finally succumb to ordering cable again. Watch the trailer for Lena’s brilliant film “Tiny Furniture” below…

And the trailer for Girls, which is a comedy if that wasn’t clear…

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