How To Be A Man

Please, no one take this personally but I am a little excited at the prospect of some of the men in my life (or those I have yet to meet) reading or even glancing at Glenn O’Brien‘s new book, “How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman”. I am totally obsessed with this book. I think it has been well established amongst my friends that I may have been born in the wrong century and that perhaps I am becoming the Miss. Manners of punk rock (I like things a little shabby, dirty and beat up but only in the cleanest, most polite and ladylike manner… do with that messy statement what you like, it’s how I feel). I also feel like the men (and women) I have encountered in my life who have an innate sense of style also have deep-rooted manners. But after four somewhat discouraging years in LA’s dating scene I am more than ever convinced that a lot of men (and women…) are wandering aimlessly through their closets as well as their love lives, deeply scarred by the mixed messages of reality TV and post-feminist college girls gone stripper-chic. It really is nobody’s fault, we are all equally to blame, but now thanks to Glenn a guidebook has been written and you have all been given flashlights to guide you. Please use them and the ladies will do their best to follow suit and reward you kindly. There is an fête in NYC next week for this book that I am sadly missing, thrown by who else but my favorite editor, GQ’s Jim Nelson.

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