Imitation of Christ, Spring Summer 2012

I’ve been absent from writing because I spent the last few days working day and night (literally) styling the Imitation of Christ show with designer Tara Subkoff who just re-launched her eponymous brand after a brief hiatus. It was an amazing experience and every time I work behind the scenes of a show I am reminded of just how much work goes into creating the brief fifteen minutes that everyone else watches. It’s phenomenal. I love working with other artists and Tara is definitely an artist. She is a designer, an actress, a filmmaker and a performance art mastermind. I think she and I fell off the same creative boat, I loved collaborating with her and we had a great synergy while working on the show. Our spirits are both mired in Paris and New York of the Twenties, which is evident in this collection to say the least. And it was really fun to see my friend Miles Fisher who I met in LA a few years ago and was thrilled to see walk through the door of our studio; he was the groom to Lydia Hearst‘s bride. Miles is an amazing actor and was responsible for a slew of Tom Cruise (who he looks like) videos that went viral a few years ago. He is also in a new film called “Final Destination”. It’s been a great week, and while I may be completely exhausted it doesn’t feel right to complain because really, it all kind of rocks. Thanks for a great week to Tara and all the amazing hard working guys and gals at Showroom Seven. More pics from the show below…

Above on the left is Zoe Rosenberg who is a budding young designer herself and Tara’s main assistant (and the miracle behind all of the sewing along with half a dozen other young hardworking gals who blew me away with their skills and dedication to the cause) and on the right is Tara herself. Below, Miles and I at the dinner in LA where we coincidentally met a few years ago.

Below are “polaroids” of my two favorite looks from the show during our fittings…

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