Keds at Opening Ceremony

Last night we did some event and party hopping and one of the places we landed was Eveleigh on Sunset (yes, where Dave makes those amazing drinks!) to get a closer look at the Keds Spring 2012 collection which I kind of died over. They did their first ever apparel pieces for Resort 2012 as a collaboration with Opening Ceremony, which hit stores exclusively last November. The new Spring 2012 Keds Apparel line has some sweet dresses I fell in love with including the one above Wyatt Hough drew me in. He was there amongst the cute slip ons and lace ups drawing guests in their favorite looks. That’s the little Bee I’ve been babysitting all weekend who he slipped in on the bottom there. My favorite dresses and shoes (and the real Bee) below… These are the shoes I ordered for myself, the aptly named Too Cute Crochet in white which is available now.

I couldn’t help it… She kills me. I swear this will be the one and only time I use cute animal pictures to gain favor amongst the masses. And by the way Eveliegh, aside from rad food and drinks, you also ROCK for understanding that sometimes animals are better behaved than people. Thanks for not having a heart attack when a 3lb love bug approaches your door… Bee is a rockstar.

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  1. Apol says:

    I love those Keds sneakers!

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