Levi’s Made the Perfect Coachella Dress

Officially it’s called ‘The Farm Dress’ which translates easily into ‘The Coachella Dress’. While I was doing a pull for a client last week at the Levi’s showroom in West Hollywood I discovered this gem on their racks and obviously had to have it for my Coachella wardrobe (only a few weeks out from the festival!) Nothing says hot, sweaty, music festival than the perfect white cotton dress with just the right amount of flare and detail so you look good but don’t want to pass out. My favorite Coachella accessories as well as advice on what to pack and what to leave behind are below…

Aside from lots of cash to buy water when you get there (you can’t bring any liquids on the grounds and water is beyond essential…) you will need the cliche hat (Madewell), sunglasses (The Row), a cute belt to accessorize, scarf for later in the day (Michael by Michaek Kors), a denim jacket doesn’t hurt either (it gets cold at night), rad biker boots (All Saints), and of course a sick leather and suede bag like this DSquared one that I really really need Coachella or not. You will definitely want a camera but don’t bring anything larger than this Nikon below, last year they changed the rules on us and said no “professional” cameras which screwed a few people, myself included since I was there shooting fashion for Marie Claire. My friend Timo and I spent the day scrambling with two tiny point & shoot cameras that he and my assistant had so this year I will come prepared.

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