Mad Men Collections, Estée Lauder & Banana Republic

There is a reason why we are all obsessed with Mad Men, myself inlcuded. Let’s be honest, our world has lost just a little of the refinement that used to make it special and I for one will not argue with anyone who wants to reign in the chaos a tad and bring back some old school manners and charm. That said, there are a slew of smart brands that are happily singing the gospel of nostalgia by launching collections inspired by Mad Men. Estée Lauder is the latest with gilded compacts and fluted lipsticks which are all part of their the new limited-edition Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection launching next month to coincide with the show’s fifth season. Next Wednesday there is also a private event in LA to celebrate Janie Bryant‘s latest Banana Republic collection which hits stores on March 1st. Janie is of course the famed costume designer on the show who we bow to (along with the creators of the show) for bringing back the era of long martini lunches, cheating spouses who got away with it (sort of…) and a time that makes us simultaneously long for unspoken debauchery and a relief that we live in a time when anything goes (and we can talk about it, sometimes too much…)

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  1. Jenn Staz says:

    I love the retro packaging, and I’m SO excited that Mad Men is coming back finally!

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