Naughty Girl Gifts

These are definitely naughty girl gifts so don’t click below if you have a faint disposition towards sex. The Pearl is a book of erotica from a Victorian era magazine that was published anonymously for about a year and then disappeared. I find it a tad more interesting than anything Fifty Shades has done. I bought my first copy of it years ago when I was still in college, at a yard sale in Tivoli, New York. Babeland in NYC sells these great “cookie cuffs”. Not sure why they’re called that though, I call them restraints… I think there is a theory in the sex toy industry that if you give black leather things cute names women will be less intimidated by them. Again, not sure why…

Booty Parlor sells vibrating panties (who knew?) that sound kind of intriguing.

LOVE this Louis Vuitton handcuff bracelet, something stylish to bring to the kink table though a little hard to find for sale anywhere now.

For all the shy girls in your life that won’t admit the things they do (and want to do) in the bedroom, you can play along and give them this nifty vibrator “starter kit,” which they will pretend to have never seen before. I love this cat o’ nine tails, nice on trend teal color too… who says sex toys can’t be fashionable? And for the more experienced girls, the ones that like to travel with their toys and confuse airport security… The Duet vibrator from Crave and a gorgeous leather bondage collar. Love.

And you can’t do sex without heels. Obviously. Especially the fun stuff above. Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150 spike-embellished metallic leather pumps. Really they are the only things you should be wearing while playing with your new gifts. I’m just saying… If you’re still feeling faint at the thought of restraints I would suggest a bottle of Bollinger Les Vieilles Vignes Francaises champagne to get in the mood. Champagne and heels is what it’s all about. Happy holidays!

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