A Moment of Silence… in Nevada

When I was 19 I went to live and work with the American Indian Movement on Western Shoshone territory just outside of Elko Nevada. One of my favorite days in life is the first time I had to bathe there. There was no running water while we were living in trailers on the Dann sisters’ territory. Instead of hot showers we rode horseback into the hills and bathed in the hot springs that poured out of the mountains into the wooden tubs the sisters had installed on top of the hill. It was a twenty minute ride on horseback and five below zero in January so you could only let your wet head peek out of the water filled tub for a few seconds before your entire head would literally freeze. For some reason I think about that day a lot while working during fashion week. The infamous hot springs tub above, circa 1992. Enjoy the silence…

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