Rachel Bilson & Wilson Bethel

Holy s***. This video rocks. Too funny. So last Sunday I styled Rachel Bilson and her own amazing stylist Nicole Chavez for their latest ShoeMint ad campaign (the new spring heels are killer! Can’t wait for the whole collection to show up on my doorstep!) We were chatting throughout the shoot about her new show Hart of Dixie which is one of my guilty pleasures much like Gilmore Girls used to be (don’t judge, Gilmore Girls was WAY subversive! All those Black Flag references and Sonic Youth playing in the background, not just the music but Kim and Thurston themselves with their daughter Coco!) Rachel even confirmed that the set they shoot Dixie on is the same as the Gilmore Girls which if you know either show, well, that town gazebo kinda gave it away in the first episode I saw. Anyway, so I watch the show and this is as good excuse as any to shout from the rooftops how sublimely hot Wilson Bethel is, her costar who plays Wade, who she shares some sexually tense chemistry with on the show. The guy is totally headed for GQ stardom. Mario Testino will be all over him soon enough. And he is the son of writer Joyce Maynard. Hello??? Gorgeous and proper East coast intellectual roots to boot? I am putty. Anyway, so Wilson, the genius (I am assuming, we’ve never met) that he is did this video which he co-wrote with castmate Scott Porter and directed starring Rachel. It is beyond genius. And rock on CW for letting them do it. Brilliant.

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