Rubin Chapelle Fall 2012

I missed the Fall 2012 presentation that Rubin Chapelle did during fashion week but peeked into the store on 14th street while I was in town to say hello to Sonja and Kip who I’ve known for over a decade now. We used to do a summer share in Fire Island starting in 1999, the summer I met them through my friend Markus while assisting Polly Mellen. We did that share a few summers in a row and even though it was a long trek out to the house (F to the ACE train to Penn Station, Long Island Railroad to Davis Park, taxi to the ferry, ferry over to the island and a fifteen minute walk to the house) it was always heaven once we got there and I have really good memories of BBQs and beer, marinated chicken on the grill, card games and wine at night and lots of great conversation. Oh and a beach that was somehow never busy even on the weekends. Another words, heaven. I had a photography show at their store in the meatpacking district in September of 2007 as well. Love them. This year they went a little more chrome with the collection with their usual devotion to well thought out cuts and shapes. They always have a great steady palette of all the neutral tones I love and last year opened up a store in Malibu. More from their fall 2012 collection below…

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