Russian Street Style, Miroslava Duma

Anyone that knows me or at least reads this blog every blue moon knows I am a fan of anything and anyone Russia obsessed (I am a native and allowed some pride in the country that was thrilled to lose me to emigration many years ago but I digress…) so of course I get excited anytime waxes poetic about my motherland. Today there is an interview by Maya Singer with Miroslava Duma, a 25 year old Russian street style maven who is one of the hosts for Ferragamo‘s FNO event in NYC this week. Along with a fashion obsession Ms. Mira also has a very strong opinion on Pussy Riot, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. And I DO know my Russian history and know exactly what goes on in Moscow and Russia in general, now and before, and can say with the same assuredness as hers that Putin is a monster like no other and wether you agree or disagree with “those stupid girls” they do have the right to express their opinion. America is not always “nice” in the myriad of opinions that get expressed left and right but the point is, they get expressed without fear of being thrown in jail (for the most part…) By the way, it is important to note that Miroslava Duma is the daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator, so perhaps her opinion on Putin and Pussy Riot is really not that interesting, dare I say. I try to keep politics out of these posts but let’s be honest, the personal is political and so on, and fashion is quite political at the end of the day.

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