Snoop Dogg at Levi’s Haus

Last night Snoop Dogg and 100 of his closest friends (no, I am not talking about myself although I was there and there are photos of me and Snoop Dogg below) listened to him spin some tunes amidst a contact high worthy crowd of fans, more friends and groupies at Levi’s Haus in West Hollywood. It was a serious blast and made up a little for my mostly music free Coachella weekend. This week is turning into a killer musical set on its own, tonight is another night of the same and tomorrow the Beastie Boys are doing a performance with Santigold at the Moca opening for Mike D’s new installation downtown. I will bow down to anyone who makes it to Coachella for the second weekend in a row (I hear there’s a Radiohead after party at the Ace Saturday night). I for one will be curled up on my best friends couch watching cable with my god daughters. But first I will hit a party for The Last Magazine in LA tonight. Sleep is for the meek.

Snoop dog, obviously…

Someone offered to take me to the Dj booth to snap a photo with the man and there was no shot in hell I was going to say no… And even though it’s not the best photo of me (I am blaming the camera on my Blackberry) I had to post it. I really need to get on that retouching wagon…

I thought I cleaned up nice after my rough weekend in the desert… Geren Ford dress, Levi’s denim jacket and the Hare & Hart clutch I adopted for the past couple of weeks (thanks Wendy!)

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