Social Goodies

I love when people combine doing good with shopping. Almost as good as combining a night of food, film and fashion. All of the above are things I could spend my life doing. Oh, wait, that is my life! Sweet. So it’s good to give back some of the blessings we get, which is what Social Goodies founder Carie Salter decided to do. After spending years working in the financial sector and taking a few years off to have a gorgeous son Carie decided she needed to get back in the swing of things by starting this daily deals website that donates its profits to charity. They’ve already donated $24,000 in the short few months since they launched. My friend Sara Stein introduced Carie to me several months ago and I fell in love with her energy and spirit immediately. They’re always looking for cool brands to partner with so if you have a do-gooder line please email the gals or me directly.

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