SOLA, Sisters of LA

So excited by everything Sara Stein, Karen Alweil and Barbara Bestor are doing with their new gifts and memorabilia company, Sisters of LA (*SOLA, I love the name). If you’ve spent any time in the world of fashion in NY or LA in the past twenty years, you know Sara as an uber PR maven who was responsible for a roster of amazing brands, events and launches over the years on both coasts. Last year she partnered with her two friends (Barbara is an incredible architect and is doing all the design along with Karen who is a product specialist) on a line of cool gifts that are sold in a long list of chic little boutiques and stores including Kitson. The line was launched in October with a focus on Cali and LA but keen eyed friends all over the country quickly got fixated and now the ladies are doing glasses, towels, beach bags, candles and more with a slew of other hometowns (Baltimore, which is also Sara’s hometown, is in the works I am told but in the meantime the goodies are sold at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and of course Getty, MOCA and Santa Monica Museum of Art). I love these beach glasses, which are the perfect hostess gift (beach and BBQ season is around the corner!)

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