Sons of Essex

I finally made it to Matt Levine‘s new place on the LES, Sons of Essex and it was AMAZING. I’ve been hearing about this place every time we’ve hung out with Matt over the past year and I was bummed not to be in NY when it opened back in October. It was great to finally taste that cornbread and mac and cheese (yes, I’m well over 30, it’s fashion week and I had the nerve to eat pasta… AND cheese!… And cornbread!) We loved the decor and the vibe too. Liv Tyler was at the table next to us and came over to say hello to Tara Subkoff who was my dinner date and who I’m working with again this year, styling the Imitation of Christ show for (it’s tomorrow). And the menu is KILLER. Crab and artichoke dip, spicy pickles and tomatoes and truffles everywhere they need to be (including the dressing for the arugula salad I think, I loved it!) I’ve got dinners planned there again next week so will get to explore the menu a bit more. Last summer we got a sample tasting menu of some things that their chef Seth Levine was planning for the place and I still think about it, YUM all around. Thx Sons!

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