The Marciano Hat

Guess hat

So, this is what’s happening. I’m posting a photo of me in my favorite Corey Lynn Calter dress, Levis‘ jacket, Prada bag and the hat I’m obsessed with from Marciano‘s fall 2013 collection (this is a fashion BLOG after all, right?) which we feted last night on the rooftop of Petit Ermitage (*love the new poolside chairs by the way) because I LOVE this hat and because sometime soon I’m also going to post something sad about an ex-boyfriend who reminds me of Cory Monteith. Yeah, it’s messy, personal and may seem unrelated but we’re gonna go there, and when we do I want you to see this happy photo of me because EVERYTHING is going to be OKAY. No matter who we think we are, it’s okay to talk about the stuff that shakes us in the same sentence as the stuff that makes us.

HK Guess July 2013

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