The Runway Outlet

Australian transplant Allie Kehoe opened The Runway Outlet almost three years ago in November of 2009. She contemplated a store focused on Australian designers but decided that LA locals would be an easier, more fun fit which is good news for the rest of us because she carries overstock and samples from some of LA’s best local talents including Stella + Jamie, Leyendecker, Lovers + Friends, For The love of Lemons, Nombre, Kite + Butterfly (I died over their dresses yesterday when I popped in), Alpinestars and everyone’s favorite, Myne. She does sales around the middle of the month and everything is priced from $25 to $150. It’s in Silverlake just a few doors down from Silverlake Wine and the new library (where, did you know you could rent DVDs for free? I just got the full first season of Treme!) 2395 Glendale Boulevard, 323-522-6192. I love the East side.

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