Tierney Gearon For Russian Vogue

I found this old (let’s call it vintage!) Tierney Gearon shoot I styled for Russian Vogue in December of 1999 (it ran in the April 2000 issue). There are so many stories going on here it’s hard to remember them all but it was a pretty amazing day. It took a lot of convincing for me to get the London office of Russian Vogue to give the green light for a shoot with Tierney at the time but we made it happen and had a very cool team, I loved working with her and Camellia Clouse. I remember being excited to get that emerald green Versace dress walking out of Lucy’s on Avenue A because I thought it was kind of ironic and subversive to get Versace at a dive bar across from Tompkins Square Park. I used to shoot at Lucy’s all the time and bless Lucy’s heart (yes, there is a real Lucy) she never wanted a big location fee, just always asked for copies of the magazine which I would deliver. The rest of the shoot (with the Versace dress) is below, including a shot with me in the background at Cafe Gitane which is where we picked up Franck and Dorota along the way…

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