Tiffany Atlas Collection

Tiffany atlas key

Tiffany & Co had a cocktail party in PH64 last night at the Chateau Marmont hosted by gorgeous Jessica Biel to celebrate their new Atlas Collection. I am obsessed with the key pendant above and even more gaga over the present they handed us walking out the door. As if sipping champagne with friends on a rooftop at dusk in LA wasn’t special enough we were handed magical blue bags with white ribbons as we left the party. Evidence below. I am not cool enough not to be excited.

My friend Megan Duffy came with me to the party. I love her dress, which she found in a vintage store somewhere in LA. She promised to take me there next week so more details on that later.

The surprise round pendant in the little blue box… So beautiful. Thank you Tiffany!

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