Vintage Russian Vogue Shoot, 1999

I love this old shoot, no reason to post it other than that and since this week has turned into memory lane anyway I figure it’s just staying with the theme. Gleb Kosorukov shot this, it was the first fashion shoot I styled as Fashion Editor for Russian Vogue in the winter of 1999. The coat is Versace, we were at one of the big Moscow train stations and the model was standing amidst the rush hour crowd coming from the trains above. I loved the contrast of the white against the grey (in more ways than one…) Fiona Hayes, who is their Creative Director again now under the new Editor in Chief, Vica Davidova, was also there then (I love that woman. Fi, are you listening?). She gave me a ton of support for these kinds of shoots (so did Aliona, the ex-EIC who is now helming Russian Interview). Seems like a hundred years ago. More pages from the shoot below…

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