What To Wear (and read) for an Endless Summer…

Summer does not want to go away… What else is there to do but accept our fate, buy new dresses and go to the pool. Love this Parker silk chiffon dress with a pair of Luxury Rebel boots instead of the nimble heels pictured (it is October, can we at least pretend it’s fall?) And how about some extended summer reading for the weekend… Sam Staggs’ new book Inventing Elsa Maxwell hit stores this week and is perfect for relaxing by the pool, fantasizing about how you’re going to throw those fabulous winter cocktail parties for all of your coast hopping friends, everyone but the Duchess of Windsor with whom you have been feuding… Oh wait, you thought I was talking about me? No, that’s Elsa’s story. She was a gossip columnist and party girl back in the Twenties with a stint as a Hollywood actress in the late Thirties and is next up on my stack of reading material. Good grief, where is my AC???

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