Zero Dark Thirty

The truth is when I first saw this cover, I rolled my eyes. Although “jaded” is not really in my vocabulary, there probably isn’t a better word for how I’ve begun to feel about the art world the last few years. Paula Cooper said, “At some point, the artists and the collectors started wearing the same clothes, driving the same cars and eating the same food,” and that is kind of how I feel about it. Not saying all artists should starve to prove a point, because I fully support everyone making a living doing what they love and I see nothing wrong with fine food and great cars and expensive clothes (clearly…) But you see my point, right? There’s some sort of medium ground that hasn’t been found and frankly, I just don’t see a lot of amazing art any more. And that’s really my point. Everything is commodified, branded and sold and ends up in a Volkswagon commercial at one point or another (no offense to Volkswagon because I actually really like their advertising campaigns and my first car was a beat up Rabbit). Anyway, I digress. So I rolled my eyes and then I saw “Zero Dark Thirty” and sat quietly for a long time thinking about what a phenomenal film it is. Go see it immediately, especially if you were in NYC during September 11th. Don’t worry, there are no scenes of the 11th in the film, except for sounds in the beginning, which admittedly are traumatic enough to listen to again, but the whole film is so well done and so incredibly intense to watch, in the best way possible. If only W had put Kathryn Bigelow on the cover with Jessica Chastain that would have been even cooler. The trailer for “Zero Dark Thirty” below. I’m betting on lots of Globes & Oscars for everyone invloved…

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