Awkward. It’s Back. Thank God.

Awkward is a funny Downton Abbey for the high school set. And by that, I mean it’s the most well written comedy on television right now along with 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. It has that perfect nuance of relationship dramas, obsessive self analysis and insight with a gorgeous (yet awkward) cast that makes for the perfect high school comedy. Created and executive produced by (and written by!) California based and bred Lauren Iungerich, the show is beyond genius and totally underrated. I am obsessed and THRILLED that season 2 begins tonight on MTV. Seriously, Awkward is the only show worth watching on MTV right now and don’t judge it by those parameters either because there isn’t much to watch there so they are lucky to have this creative brilliance gracing their Jersified shores. I dare you to watch and not become obsessed.

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