Every Woman was once a little girl with Dreams

The things we do in college. S&M clubs, bands, parties, and student films. In honor of this weekend’s alumni weekend at Bard I dug my senior film project, Every Woman was once a little girl with Dreams, out of the dusty archives of my youth. It is so funny to watch now, all those familiar faces (Ian Mackaye is the young guy in the diner philosophizing on marriage, he drove up from DC for the fun of it and we filmed at the Red Hook Diner). I have never smoked a day in my life but apparently I thought it looked cool on film (it kind of does, sorry mom!) Lots of other cameos in the credits too if you look closely. Not sure how long I will leave this up on Vimeo but here it is in all it’s glory while I’ve got the guts. Oh and this is the film Miranda July told me she and her best friend would quote when they were feeling down about life and art, which is kind of the most awesome thing ever.

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