Getting Ready for This Sunday…

Last year’s Golden Globes rainy aftermath at The Beverly Hilton, January 2010

There’s something about a collective energy that makes me both melancholy and incredibly happy. The excitement of a big event, the reward of hard work and feeling like you’re part of something bigger than you thrills me more as I get older, not less. I refuse to become jaded no matter how much I see or experience. I’ve spent most of my life and my career in the fashion world of NY and Europe so the past few years of diving head first into an industry that was admittedly unknown to me until I moved to LA full time has been exciting. There’s a language and silent dialogue within every industry and I’ve loved learning the ins and outs of this one. I never really watched Awards shows but now I can’t muster the cynicism to roll my eyes at ‘Awards Season’ and I find it incredible to watch my friends create and build something that so many other talented people enjoy and respect. Although I haven’t slept much I’ve had so much fun this week hunting down the perfect dress for a client. It adds a new element to the fashion world I’ve known for so long and I love it. It’s truly a privilege the lives we lead and the experiences we’re a part of. Plus, it’s really fun.

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