Ian Mackaye

Coming home to my NY place is like taking a ride in a time machine and living through fashion week is similar to a high school reunion so suffice to say the past is always here in one way or another during these trips. My bedroom shelves are lined with boxes of old film negatives and invites from fashion weeks in Paris and Milan from when I was a young fashion editor. Sometimes I get exhausted thinking about all the different things I managed to pack into a decade but sometimes it’s fun to remember the things we have done even when we didn’t realize exactly what we were doing. The film still above is from my senior film project at Bard which Ian Mackaye, one of the gods of indie punk music and Minor Threat, founder of Dischord and Fugazi fame, agreed to be in. When I was sixteen and growing up in Baltimore I started organizing punk shows on the weekends. You know those DIY all ages shows with local bands that the kids would go to on a Saturday night. I befriended Ian around that time because he was always super supportive of anyone and anything DIY which was really very cool of him. There was a very open spirit to things in those days, “zines” were the predecessors to blogs I believe, similar in spirit to some blogs now a days but obviously less accessible to most people, which I guess is what made it fun for most of us back then. I adore Ian, am still so grateful he drove all the way to Bard to do that. How cool was that? Amazing.

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