Little O in Hollywood, The Foxiest Family

When I was a sophomore at Bard I started babysitting for the coolest kids and their cooler mom. The Fox family is well known in Rhinebeck NY, Gina Fox and her husband used to own the Hudson Valley Antiquer newspaper and Gina still throws the best parties in town (especially when she was living at Grasmere where she let me do several shoots, one for Preen and one for Reni Laine’s music video). Everything I know about throwing parties, I learned from Gina. She also taught me how to cook and host. And the best parenting techniques (second only to my own mom of course!) I learned a lot of what I know from this woman. The Fox kids (a photo I took of them years ago above) were two (Reed), four (Olivia or Little O as I like to call her) and six (Jack) when I met them. Will, the youngest wasn’t even born yet. They are now, 17, 19, 21 and 23 respectively. Their mom is as cool as ever. Thank god she calls me her eldest child so I get away with as much as the kids do when I’m in Rhinebeck. Little O is house-sitting for me in LA and made this rad little film, which I think would have made Adolfas Mekas (and St.Tula!) proud. And yes, that is my Monkey in the video below…

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