Marina Abramovic, HBO & Veuve Clicquot

That was amazing. Perfect start to Sundance 2012. I had forgotten how rad proper performance art can be, especially when you get to participate. Loved what Marina Abramovic did in the midst of the chaos. Making everyone hang out in silence, listening to the sound of our own chewing and sipping, for the first hour of the HBO Veuve Clicquot sponsored event at the Julie Nester Gallery was everything you wouldn’t expect it to be. The white lab coats and earphones turned every ego and exec in the room into, well, just that, lab coats. One for all and all for one. It’s amazing how important small gestures become in the midst of silence and how friendly people get when the usual tools are taken away from them but that is obviously the point. And the half hour walk thru the snowstorm was SO worth it (someone said it was a ten minute walk from Main Street to the gallery… It was NOT. Thanks three lads from Miami for picking me up on the side of the road. Who said I had outgrown some fresh adventures?) Pics of Marina, Robert Redford and me in the lab coat below… Tomorrow 9AM sharp it’s off to the theaters.

Marina and Robert Redford

The atmosphere…

A terrible picture but whatever, my battery was dying… that’s Marina Abramovic in the middle with Robert Redford to her left. Press op done in silence. Amazing to watch.

Me and my friend Brenna in our lab coats, drinking champagne in silence, loving every minute…

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