Sundance Day 2, Fashion in the Snow

I know I’m a stylist and by nature a slave to fashion but when I was a lowly film student at Bard college going to Sundance was a dream of mine so being here the past four years is literally a dream come true. I’m like a kid in a candy story when I pick up my credentials and start organizing my screening schedule (which, by the way, is no easy feat, ask anyone who has had to juggle the Sophie’s choice of which films to squeeze in and which ones to reluctantly skip). That said, my least favorite part of Sundance is the gifting lounges. They make me a little uncomfortable and frankly, it’s kind of impossible to go to all the ones that are here and see films as well so you pick a team and since I get enough free stuff the rest of the year I pick Team Films which is why I come to Sundance. I usually only go to the suites my friends invite me to or if it’s a brand I work with a lot and really love which was the case yesterday when I swung by the Sorel girls’ place on Main Street. I’ve been working with them this past year, wearing their boots to death (if you’ve seen me out and about in LA the last month you’ve probably seen me in my favorite wedge cable knit boots which I refused to bring to Sundance for fear of ruining them). I also put them on my clients (which Sorel does not pay me to do, I do it because the boots rock and look killer) and last year I even did some trend consulting for them. So yesterday I swung by and said hello to JulieAnna and Heather and got a pair of sweet wedge heels just for Sundance (they’re the perfect evening heel in the snow). I’ve got four films to see today so more tomorrow… Arbitrage was fantastic this morning! My new wedge heel boots by Sorel are below…

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