Sundance Day 3, Books Are Cool

Saw so many films I loved today! And a few with the running theme of books and book stores, love it! Started this morning (after a very late night with friends at the Chef Dance dinner, pics below, no idea how I made it from Deer Valley to the Eccles in time) with a 9am screening of Liberal Arts starring, written and directed by Josh Radnor. The perfect happy/sad melancholy blend for an old nostalgia hooked Bard girl like me. Laughed, cried, laughed again, loved the ending and Elizabeth Olsen is so fun to watch. If you went to Bard, Oberlin, Reed, Sarah Lawrence etc this film will make you pee your pants and get teary eyed. Also really loved Nobody Walks directed by Ry Russo-Young which reminded me a little of Laurel Canyon. Loved the bug film within the film. The sounds were amazing and the sex scenes were kind of hot (the uber hottie in the beginning of the film on the ride from the airport is totally one to watch). And just got back from the premier of Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in New York which was awesome! Really well done. Save The Date was really cute too, I liked it. Lizzie Caplan is great, we don’t see enough of her and the whole cast was absolutely awesome. They were all at the Chef Dance dinner we went to at The Supper Club on Main Street last night too.

The scene…

The food was fantastic!

Scallops… YUM.

Lizzy Caplan and Geoffrey Arend

Allison Brie

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