Isaac Correa in GQ Russia

One of my favorite old friends from the Moscow days was just featured (about time!) in Russian GQ and I am obsessed with the shot! Isaac Correa and I met almost ten years ago while I was working as fashion director for Russian Harper’s Bazaar. He had just opened one of his first cafes in Moscow down the street from where I lived and it was where I would go for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner almost daily. It was one of those places where you would find yourself sitting next to a journalist one day and the VP of Gazprom the next day. And everyone was friends with everyone else. Isaac, who was a fellow ex-pat New Yorker from the Lower East Side, was like my brother in those days and I still think of him as family although I haven’t seen him in years. Yeah, we stay in touch via Facebook, of course, and one of these days we’ll have a big reunion in Moscow or NYC. In the meantime, an old photograph of Isaac I took in Moscow years ago below.

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