Krug Champagne

Yesterday I was invited for a luncheon at the Krug House in Bel Air which sits on top of a hill overlooking Los Angeles. Krug’s Cellar Master Eric Lebel was in town for the day from France (and for the first time stateside) presiding over a casual crowd of champagne lovers and food enthusiasts (Eveliegh provided the most amazing cheeses and fois gras… yes, I cheated and was happy to do it!) I love the ethos of the brand, again not to harp on nostalgia but Krug is amongst some of the oldest brands (it was founded in 1843) in the world, in the same vein as Hermes, Bentley and the stable of brands which are part of their now parent company LVMH, that all pride themselves not just on a perfect product but a beautiful lifestyle. More pics from the event below…

The view and the champagne…

Eric Lebel, President of Krug

Me and Erica Cornwall of Bismarck Phillips who invited me to the event (thanks Erica!)

The spread of cheeses, breads, fois gras and other amazing pairings from one of my favorite places in West Hollywood, Eveleigh, that we tried with the champagne

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2 Responses to Krug Champagne

  1. Wendy Cornwall says:

    What an exquisite day you all must have enjoyed. Beautiful people, unparalled views, delicious food and Krug, the King of Champagnes. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hellin Kay says:

    Thanks Wendy! 😉 Yes, it was gorgeous and fun!

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