The Best Deviled Eggs in America


I have been working on a greatest deviled eggs list for a few years now. I have eaten enough eggs to give me a heart attack, which I think has only been staved off because brussel sprouts are still pretty popular on most menus. Every time I think I am done I stumble on a new place that has to be added to the list, which inevitably makes me postpone the post. And let’s be honest, you can never eat too many deviled eggs. They are perfect at brunch with a bloody mary, or for lunch, dinner, really anytime of day it’s like a little piece of flavored protein that just makes everything better. And they’re not hard to make so there is really no excuse for bad ones. That said, there is no point in mentioning the ones that did not live up to the hype, so don’t think I haven’t tried certain pig places this and other gastronom places that. You would be surprised how many chefs still think ‘add salt’ is a sufficient way to make deviled eggs. This list is ongoing but so far the best ones I ate are at Cookshop on 10th Avenue in NYC and R&D Kitchen in Santa Monica. Close behind are Root & Bone‘s threesome and the simple yet flavorful blast from The Smith. I also loved the ones at Parlor Market in Jackson Mississippi. I like to add pickle relish to mine or salmon roe on top. Last week’s working lunch at The Smith above and a batch of my eggs with the recipe below.


Boil a dozen eggs, let cool, peel, slice and separate the yolks and egg whites, cut in half. Egg yolks in a medium or large bowl, sliced egg whites spread out on a platter or large plate.

In the egg yolk bowl, mash the egg yolks and add two tablespoons of mayonnaise (I really like Trader Joe’s organic), a teaspoon of spicy mustard, a few pinches of salt (I use Vignalta sea salt on everything), and three tablespoons of pickle relish. Mix and scoop into your egg white halves.

Add a dollop of salmon roe on top or some cayenne pepper. Serve with a bloody mary.

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