The Opposite of Me

So I found this blog that is the exact opposite of my life and I love it for the same reasons I love my life. Does that make sense? It’s making me nostaligic for the beginning, when we were making the choices that got us to… here. All good choices, just different. The blog, aptly titled “NYC Taught Me” is written by a 29 year old mom who moved to the city a year ago with her 3 kids and husband who she married at 21. Adorable story, even more adorable kids (and husband) and here’s the kicker, she wants to work in publishing and the blog, aside from documenting her adventures in city dwelling and discovering all the ways the apple slices, is also a diary of her job hunting in the world of publishing. I love her posts, very sweet, warm and funny and made me feel like sharing what I found. That’s me above, a long time ago, while working in publishing in NYC. The photo was taken by Kate Young on the roof of the Gramercy Park Hotel, I think it was Kate’s birthday… I will take a guess and say this was 2002? Anyway, when I was 21 it never occurred to me to get married, in fact I said no to someone at 24 because I got that job as Fashion Editor for Russian Vogue. Not as though he was the love of my life to begin with but I remember his shocked expression when I told him I was taking the job (in Russia) and his response was “you don’t want to stay here with me? I want to marry you.” I thought he was speaking Japanese, that’s how much sense that made to me. It’s all a pick your own adventure novel and I really love the one I picked. What I also like about Sharon‘s posts is the things we have in common. We are both starting new chapters, who is to say which chapter starts the book and which one closes it. I love it. And I love her blog!

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2 Responses to The Opposite of Me

  1. sharon says:

    Oh! This is such a thoughtful post. Thank you!

  2. Hellin Kay says:

    Thanks Sharon! I love your blog 😉 My inbox has ben slammed with spam so I am just seeing your comment now 😉 Thank you for reading! xox

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