Bikini Kill Reissue

Legendary Olympia babes Bikini Kill just reissued their self titled first EP. It came out in 1991 and was recorded in DC and produced by Ian MacKaye. 1991 is a magical year for many reasons aside from being the year I graduated high school. I remember Bikini Kill well. 1991 was also the year I went to the last Positive Force show in DC, that night Government Issue played one of their last shows as well. I was still organizing punk all ages shows in Baltimore and had just started talking with Ian about playing a show with Fugazi, who I had recently seen play their first show in downtown Baltimore. That show never happened but a few years later Ian agreed to be in my senior film project at Bard. It was a magical time all around. Watch the gals perform “Suck My Left One” live below.

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